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Estate Planning

Estate Planning beyond the Will and Testament

A Living Trust avoids probate and gives you peace of mind.

Have you made proper provisions for your beloved pets. 

Our trust has a pet provision in it so they will be cared for once you are gone or in-capacitated.

Life and Long-Term Care Insurance plays a vital role in estate planning.

A Will is nothing more than a written document that tells the court who gets what and how much of your stuff you want them to get.

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ALTCS Income Only Trust

An Income Only Trust solves a single problem. The problem is that when a person applying

Will in Arizona

Most individuals believe that good estate planning is having a Will drawn up by a local attorney.

Living Trust

A Living Trust avoids probate and gives you peace of mind. .

What is a Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona?

Many living in Arizona believe that attorneys are the only available and reliable option whenever you need legal documents prepared. However, there is another useful option available in Arizona (for only legal documents to be used in Arizona or legal documents used in other states too?)  that is easily accessible and less costly than hiring an attorney. That option is a Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona.

Legal Document Preparers in the state of Arizona are called Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers (AZCLDPs). A Certified Legal Document Preparer in Arizona is a legally authorized person or entity certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona to help individuals or groups prepare legal documents (used only in Arizona or in any other state as well?).

Who may qualify as a Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona?

Not just anyone can become certified to practice as a Legal Document Preparer in Arizona because of the sensitive nature of legal documents. To qualify as a Certified Legal Document Preparer in Arizona and be able to prepare legal documents for Arizona residents, one must pass an examination and background check to prove they have the qualifications. Applicants for the Legal Document Preparer Arizona must be able to sit for an examination and pass it.

Those seeking to apply to become an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer can qualify with at least two years’ experience in a law-related environment and an additional 24 credits in education that relates to the field of law. In this connection, many Legal Document Preparers in Arizona also work in the field of law, but under lawyers, so they are referred to as paralegals. However, paralegals cannot become Certified Legal Document Preparers until they have gained substantial experience working under an attorney. While serving as AZCLDPs, they must be able to work independently, which is different than working as paralegals, where they are under the direct supervision of a lawyer.

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Cecilia Dabbs

Cecilia Dabbs is a Legal Document Preparer Phoenix az and a Certified Medicaid Planner. She holds an Arizona Insurance Producers license. In 2006, she was admitted into the State Bar of Arizona as a Foreign Legal Consultant Rule 38(B).

In 2011, She became a Certified Legal Document Preparer in Phoenix az and founded Legal Document Solutions, LLC. In July 2018, Cecilia Dabbs completed the Certified Medicaid Planner program, joined her husband Steve Dabbs to create the CMP(Certified Medicaid Planners) Power Team.

Today she actively helps individuals and families navigate the complicated ALTCS Application Process. As a Certified Legal Document Preparer in Phoenix az, she prepares “Income Only Trusts” for those with incomes exceeding the ALTCS income cap.

She is uniquely qualified to help with the ALTCS Application Process; this is due to her law experience in Mexico.


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When should you choose a Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona over an Attorney?

Legal Document Preparers in Arizona act in a legally accepted capacity and have the power to handle legal issues in that state. They are the best fit for an individual if the case in hand is within their capacity, falls among the roles we have noted above, and does not legally require rather one to consult an attorney. The main reason for approaching an AZCLDP is that you will save a significant amount of money, compared to hiring an attorney to prepare the noted documents. Engaging a lawyer will cost you huge amounts of money due to the formalities required and the costs for attorney office overhead.

The other key advantage of engaging a Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona over an attorney is that the formalities for getting your document legally prepared take less time with a CLDP. The time that an attorney will take to have your document ready can be longer since most attorneys have huge loads of work and a more financially appealing job, so they tend to prioritize documents that pay huge fees over the legalization of smaller documents. Attorneys may delay the process of getting your document ready, thereby making the AZCLDP a better choice to gain the same service within a shorter time period.

Check about importance of durable power of Attorney and Special Needs Trust Arizona.

What are the Roles of Legal Document Preparers in Arizona?

Legal document preparers in Arizona offer several services to individuals or entities who are engaged in a legal matter while representing themselves in a court of law. However, it is important to understand that AZCLDPs are neither attorneys nor lawyers, and they do not employ attorneys to work for them. AZCLDPs are barred from giving legal opinions, advice, or warrants when it comes to the outcome of a case, but communication with the preparers is still highly confidential, just like any other legal matter. T AZCLDPS practitioners can only offer facts and information regarding legal procedures and the rights entitled to a person or a group. Legal Document Preparers in Arizona are not allowed to make judgments or give their insights. They may just inform on statutes regarding an issue in question.

For instance, a Certified Legal Document Preparer in Arizona is legally accredited to serve in divorce cases that do not involve complex decisions like communal property debt. They may also serve in paternity cases, legal separation issues, child support, custody, and other enforcement cases. However, since the preparers are limited in their roles and cannot advise in cases of divorce and separation, they must contact divorce lawyers whenever a divorce case has more complex issues.

Arizona Legal Document Preparer can also assist in the legalities regarding the formation of businesses, such as incorporations, partnerships, and Limited Liabilities Companies (LLC), as well as other business formation formalities that require legal procedures. AZCLDPs can assist in matters related to real estate cases, particularly simple matters like title deed issues, eviction notices, and mechanics liens, which refer to a legal claim against a home or a property. Certified Legal Document Prepare Arizona can also help with the litigation of civil cases like complaints between parties and other simple cases.

AZCLDPs can help in bankruptcy cases, where individual files and the preparer help in the preparation of documents for the declaration of the bankruptcy of an individual, but still dependent on the situation of that case. If the case involves other complexities, the AZCLDP may consult an attorney for advice.

These professionals will also assist in the preparation of Wills and Trusts, which are documents that provide guidelines on how the property of an individual or a group will be shared after the demise of the individual. A legal document preparer will act in the process of legalizing a will and preparing the papers for effecting the will or trust. Wills certified by a legally recognized preparer will be binding and efficiently prevent legal battles for property and protect the beneficiaries.

The AZCLDPS can prepare all types of trust documents, ranging from Living Trust or Inter-Vivos Trusts to both Grantor and Non-grantor Irrevocable Trusts. They can also educate others on the   three types of trusts and how each is used and explain why someone might need or want a particular type of trust. In other words, they can educate a client, so that this individual makes a wise estate planning decision. They just can’t advise someone on whether t they should set up a specific type of trust.

Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona can explain how an Arizona Miller Trust or an Income Only Trust works and prepare that trust if your income exceeds the current ALTCS 2022 income limit of $2,523.

The AZCLDPS has the power to prepare a legal document that gives an agent the power to act for another person, the principal, commonly known as a Power of Attorney (POA). It grants the agent certain legal authority to make binding legal decisions about the property and finances of the principal.

Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona can explain the two types of Durable Power of Attorneys, either the Immediate or Springing. They can explain that a Spring Power of Attorney goes into effect once one or two doctors declare that the principal is no longer competent to make their own financial decisions.

An Immediate POA goes into effect once it is signed and notarized.

Certified Legal Document Preparer Arizona just cannot advise which POA is best for an individual.

Why Choose Cecilia Dabbs and Legal Document Solutions?

Even though Cecilia Dabbs can prepare all types of legal documents, she focuses on two areas. These are Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning. 

She has prepared 1000’s of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Wills, and Power of Attorneys since she became a Legal Document Preparer Phoenix az in 2005.

She subscribes to the same document preparation software that many attorneys do, so your document will be the exactly same document that you would receive from an attorney at a fraction of the cost.

Cecilia Dabbs is also a Certified Medicaid Planner or CMP and has practical working knowledge of Arizona Medicaid or ALTCS, which stands for the Arizona Long-Term Care System. She is able to prepare the Arizona Miller Trust or Income Only Trust when needed.

She is fluent in Spanish, so if your senior age parents came to America when you were very young or not born yet, she can help explain the different legal documents to your Spanish speaking loved ones so they will fully understand the reasons to have them in place.

 To learn more about Cecilia Dabbs call her or you can email Cecilia at [email protected]

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“Cecilia was very patient and understanding throughout the entire ALTCS Process. I'm the only heir of my grandmother and I was lost with what to do. Thank you, Cecilia"
Susan F.
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