Cecilia Dabbs

Cecilia Dabbs is a Certified Legal Document Preparer in Phoenix az and a Certified Medicaid Planner and holds an Arizona Insurance Producers license.

A native of Mexico in 1996 was admitted to practice law in Mexico and later went on to teach law at the University of Sonora (Mexico).

In 2005, Cecilia Dabbs proudly became a United States Citizen.

In 2006 was admitted into the State Bar of Arizona as a Foreign Legal Consultant Rule 38(B).

In 2011 became a Legal Document Preparer and founded Legal Document Solutions, LLC.

In July 2018, Cecilia Dabbs completed the Certified Medicaid Planner program, joined her husband Steve Dabbs to create the CMP(Certified Medicaid Planners)  Power Team.

ALTCS/Medicaid planning strategies are not new to her. She has been working with her husband for over nine years, preparing Income Only Trusts or Miller Trusts along with other legal documents.

Today she actively helps individuals and families navigate the complicated ALTCS Application Process. As a Legal Document Preparer, she prepares “Income Only Trusts” for those with incomes exceeding the ALTCS income cap.

She is uniquely qualified to help with the ALTCS Application Process; this is due to her law experience in Mexico.

ALTCS is primarily done with paper evidence sent into the ALTCS caseworker during the ALTCS Application Process. The evidence has strict deadlines that must be met, or the claim will be denied.

Mexico courts work much the same way with filings and deadlines that, if not met, the case will be dismissed or ruled in the other person’s favor.

So her law experience and having acquired the Certified Medicaid Planner™, or CMP™ Designation make her highly qualified in this area.

She has a passion for the area of Estate Planning and believes that one of the most important documents you can have is a Durable Power of Attorney. 

Cecilia Dabbs, Certified Legal Document Preparer License – AZCLDP # 81300